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 Oil and Gas: Exploration Rights and Land Leases
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
ANWR Is OK'd for Oil, Gas Exploration2017
GOP Advances Measures in House to Push Offshore Drilling, Pipeline2012
GOP Backs Oil Bills, to Little Effect2011
Support for Oil-Drilling Bills Fades2010
With Rallying Cry, ‘Drill, Baby, Drill,' GOP Brings End to Offshore Ban2008
High Gas Prices Lead to Expansion Of Drilling Leases in Gulf of Mexico2006
Budget Veto Kills Arctic Drilling Plan1995
Royalties Collections for Oil and Gas Leasing1991
Oil-Shale Lands Bill Balked1990
Oil Shale Claims1989
Following Exxon Valdez, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) Oil Drilling Bill Goes Nowhere in 19891989
Oil Shale Land Claims1987
Congress Overhauls Oil, Gas Leasing System1987
Oil, Gas Royalty Collection1982
CEQ Funds/Oil Leasing Ban1982
Oil Shale Lands Leasing1980
Naval Oil Reserves1979
Oil Shale Development1978
Outer Continental Shelf1974
Santa Barbara Oil Leases1973
Continental Shelf1972
Oil Shale Development1970
Oil Leases1969
Oil Shale1968
Two Committees Investigate Oil Shale Policy1967
Alaska Mineral Leases1959
Submerged Lands Act1953
Continental Shelf1953
“Tidelands” Oil Measure Vetoed1952
“Tidelands” Oil1951
Tidelands Oil1950
Royalty Oil Premium Payments1949
Quitclaim to Submerged Lands1945