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 Nuclear Energy, Research and Safety
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Yucca Mountain Still High Hurdle2014
India Nuclear Deal Goes Forward2006
Nuclear Projects Saved1993
Ban on Closing Shoreham Part of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Measure1989
Reorganization of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Uranium Industry Bailout1988
Nuclear Emergencies1988
Congress Clears Nuclear-Insurance Bill1988
Nuclear Safety Board1987
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Reauthorization1987
Nuclear Plant Security1987
House Amends Nuclear-Insurance Law1987
Disagreements Block Nuclear Insurance Bills1986
Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC) Reauthorization Stalls1985
Nuclear Plant Security1985
Reauthorization Clears for Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)1984
Three Mile Island Cleanup1982
Theft of Nuclear Materials1982
NRC Authorization Bill Finally Cleared1982
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Nuclear Policy1981
Presidential Statement: Carter Approval of Nuclear Fuel for India1980
Nuclear Safety Research1980
Nuclear Fusion Program1980
Congress Approves Sale of Nuclear Fuel1980
Nuclear Power Legislation Fails to Clear1979
Nuclear Plant Licensing1979
Nuclear Licensing Reform1978
Nuclear Agency Funds1978
Presidential Statement: Carter on Nuclear Power Policy1977
Congress Refuses to Kill Clinch River Plant1977
Uranium Enrichment1976
Nuclear Regulatory Funds1976
Nuclear Materials Transfers1976
Presidential Statement: Ford on Nuclear Exports and Safeguards1975
Nuclear Supplemental1975
Nuclear Regulatory Funds1975
Nuclear Insurance Program1975
Nuclear Accidents1974
Power Supplies1969
Nuclear Electric Power1968
Nuclear Desalting Plant1967
Atomic Development Shifts Toward Civilian Programs1965
Private Ownership of Nuclear Fuels1964
Expansion of Atomic Energy Program1954
Atomic Power Hearings1953
Atomic Contracts1953
Atomic Information1951
Atomic Energy1949