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 Native American Issues
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Adoption of American Indians1997
Bills Focus on American Indians1996
Bills Affecting American Indians Taken up by Lawmakers1995
Indian Legislation in 1994 Includes Protection for Children, Religious Practices1994
Bills Enhance Indians’ Status1994
American Indian Bills Advance in 19931993
Several Indian-Related Measures Pass1992
Indian Health Services Reauthorized1992
Grants to Tribal Courts Held Over for 103rd1992
Bill Seeks Improvement of Indian Lands Management1992
Hill Acts on Several Bills To Help American Indians1991
Little Change on American Indian Policies1990
Indian Museum1989
Indian Law Enforcement1989
Federal Indian Programs Focus of Senate Review1989
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Indian-Business Measure1988
Indian Measures1988
Indian Housing1988
Indian Health Bill Cleared1988
Indian Gambling1988
Indian Health Care1987
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Indian Programs Bill1986
Indian Health Care1986
Indian Gambling1986
Indian Bill Veto1986
Gay Head Indian Land Claim1986
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Indian Land Claims1984
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Indian Health Care1984
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Indian Compensation1984
Indian Reimbursement Bill1984
Indian Health Care1984
Indian Aid Bill1984
Tribal Colleges1983
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Indian Claims Bill1983
Indian Land Claim Veto1983
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Indian Colleges Bill1982
Indian Claims Legislation1982
Maine Indians' Land1980
Indian Health Care1980
Indian Claims Filing Time1980
R.I. Indian Claims1978
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Navajo-Hopi Relocation1978
Indian Preference Laws1978
Indian Legislation1978
Indian Claims Commission1976
Indian Health Care1974
Hopi-Navajo Land Dispute1974
Wounded Knee Siege1973
Menominee Indians1973
Indian Claims Commission1972
Navajo College1971
National Policy on Indians1971
Laguna Pueblo1971
Indian Education1971
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Reorganization of American Indian Programs1970
Indian Loans1970
Indian Land Problems1970
Indian Education1970
Aid for Indians1969
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests $500 Million for Broad Range of Programs for the American Indian1968
Indian Education1968
Indians, Territories1963
Indian Hospitals1954
Relief for Navajo and Hopi Indians1947