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 Minimum Wage
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Senate GOP Stymies Wage Boost2014
Democrats' Persistence on Raising Federal Minimum Wage Pays Off2007
Minimum Wage Hike Falters2006
Minimum Wage Deadlocks House2006
Minimum Wage A Non-Starter2004
Minimum Wage Increase Falters Due to Procedural Obstacles, Timing Dispute2000
Parties Differ Over Measures To Help Employers Cover $1-an-Hour Wage Hike1999
Democrats' Attempt To Raise Minimum Wage Fizzles In Senate1998
Tax Breaks Sweeten Wage Increase1996
Congress Clears Wage Increase With Tax Breaks for Business1996
Presidential Veto Message: Bush Vetoes Increase In Minimum Wage1989
Minimum-Wage Impasse Finally Ended1989
Senate Filibuster Kills Minimum-Wage Boost1988
Nixon Signs Minimum Wage Increase1974
Presidential Veto Message: Nixon Vetoes Minimum Wage1973
Minimum Wage Veto Sustained By 23-Vote Margin1973
Minimum Wage Law: Hearings on Raising Base Pay1971
Minimum Wages1970
Expansion of Minimum Wage Law Approved1966
Minimum Wage, Overtime1965
Minimum Wage1964
Minimum Wage Coverage Under Previous Law, 1961 Changes1961
Kennedy Wins Minimum Wage Victory1961
Minimum Wage Bill Dies in Conference1960
Minimum Wage1960
Minimum Wage1959
Raise in Minimum Wage1955
Minimum Wages1949
Minimum Wages1948
Minimum Wage Bill1946
Minimum Wage Act Amendments1946
Farm Parity Amendment to Minimum Wage Bill1946