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 Military Construction and Base Closures
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Military Construction-VA: Drama Stalks Popular Milcon-VA Bill2016
Veterans Health Gets More Spending2014
Military Construction Funds Sliced2011
Bill Boosts Health Care for Veterans2008
Green Light for Military Housing2004
Military Construction Feels Pinch2003
Easy Pass for Military Construction2001
Military Construction Bill Is First Finished, Includes Kosovo Peacekeeping Funds2000
Congress Rejects Clinton's Incremental Spending Plan For Military Construction1999
Military Construction Is First Spending Bill To Reach the Finish Line1998
Construction Bill Tests Line-Item Veto1997
Military Construction Up $2.4 Billion with Increases for Family Housing, Base Infrastructure1995
Military Construction Pared Down1994
Funding for Military Construction Is Up1993
Construction Bill Steps Up Base Closures1992
Efforts To Block Base Closures Fail1991
Domestic Military Projects Win Out1991
Hefty Cuts in Spending for Overseas Bases1990
Base Closings Commission Established1990
Military Construction: Hefty Cuts Overseas1989
Burden-sharing Conditions for Allies Relaxed in 1989 Military Construction Budget1988
Bill Enacted to Close Obsolete Military Bases1988
Military Construction Funds1987
Military Construction Funds for Navy Bases and California Water Project1985
Military Construction Funds1985
Military Construction Budget Calls for NATO Burden-Sharing and Airbase Improvements1984
$9.1 Billion Authorized for Military Construction1984
Military Construction: Conditions Attached to Funding for Missile Facilities in 19831983
Military Construction Cuts Continue in 19831983
Reduced Military Construction Budget Preserves Funding for West German Projects in 19821982
Congress Signals Desire for Increased NATO Spending with Reduced Military Construction Budget in 19831982
Reduced Military Construction Abroad in 19821981
U.S. Military Construction: Domestic Improvements, Construction in the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean1980
Military Construction Funding for 1981: Indian Ocean Facilities1980
Military Construction Funds1979
Military Construction: NATO Projects Cut1978
Military Construction1978
Military Construction: $3.7-Billion1977
Military Construction Funds1977
Spanish Bases Treaty Approved by Congress1976
Revised Military Construction Bill Cleared1976
Military Construction Funds Focus on Base Closings and Maintenance1976
Military Construction Funds Mandated for Diego Garcia, Health School1975
Military Construction Approved for Submarine Support, Health Sciences University, and Indian Ocean Facilities1975
Military Construction1974
Military Construction Funds1973
Military Construction1973
Military Construction Funds1972
Military Construction: $1.9-Billion for Fiscal 19721971
Military Construction Funds1971
More Defense Funds Provided in Construction Bills1970
Military Construction Funds1969
Military Construction1969
Military Construction1968
Military Bases Funds1968
Military Construction1967
Military Bases Funds1967
Military Construction1966
Military Bases Funds1966
President Wins Military Base Dispute1965
Military Bases Funds1965
Shipyards, Bases Closed1964
Military Construction1964
Military Bases Funds1964
Military Bases Funds1963
$1.6 Billion Authorized for Military Construction1963
Military Construction1962
Military Construction1960
Military Construction1959
Military Construction1958
Funds for Military Bases1958
Construction Speed-Up1958
Military Construction1957
Military Construction1954
Military, Naval Construction1953
Military, Naval Construction1952
Military Building1952
Military Construction1951