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 Military Aid, Arms Sales and Mutual Assistance
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Foreign Aid is Vetoed, But Then Salvaged1989
Majority Report Details Shady Deals1987
Foreign Military Aid1979
Presidential Statement: Carter Announces Arms Sales Cut1978
Congress Passes Compromise Military Aid Bill1976
Congress Declines to Block Arms Sales1976
Congress Weighs new Controls on Arms Sales1975
$2.7-Billion Authorized for Foreign AID1974
Arms Sales Bill Clears After Six-Month Deadlock1970
Naval Vessel Loans1967
Congress Restricts Arms Sales to Developing Nations1967
Concern Grows Over U.S. Foreign Commitments1967
President Sends Mutual Security Message to Congress1960
Mutual Security Funds1960
Military Assistance Grants by Country, Fiscal 1950-601960
Congress Passes Mutual Security Act of 19601960
President Asks $3.9 Billion for Mutual Security Program, Cautions Against ‘Reckless Cuts’ in Face of Red Power1959
Mutual Security Request Slashed By $1.2 Billion1959
Mutual Security Funds1959
Mutual Security Funds1958
Mutual Security Act Authorizes $3,031,400,0001958
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Requests $3.9 Billion for Mutual Security Program1958
President Stresses Importance of Mutual Security Program1957
Mutual Security Funds1957
Mutual Security Act1956
Foreign Aid: 1945–511956
Mutual Security Act1955
Mutual Security1955
Mutual Security Act1953
Mutual Security1953
Mutual Security Act, Foreign Aid Funds1952
Mutual Security Act Of 19511951
Mutual Security1951
Military Aid Program1950
Military Arms Program1949