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 Mental Health
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Sponsors Say Mental Health Bill Could Be Response to Recent Shootings2015
Mental Health and Gun Measures2014
Mental Health, Gun Measures Linked2013
Mental Health Parity Becomes Law2008
Bills Seek Mental Health Parity2007
Drug, Mental Health Programs Revamped1992
Substance Abuse, Mental Health Programs1991
Mental Health Projects1990
Rights of Mentally Ill1988
Protections for Mentally Ill1986
Protections for Mentally Ill1985
Expanded Mental Health Services Approved1980
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Mental Health Systems Act1979
Mental Health Centers1972
Rights of Mentally Ill1970
Congress Passes Community Mental Health Legislation1970
Mentally Ill Aid1969
Mental Health Centers1967
Funds Provided for Staffing Mental Health Centers1965
Message to Congress: Kennedy Requests New Tools To Fight Mental Illness1963
Congress Enacts New Mental Health Programs1963
National Mental Health Program1946
National Mental Health Act1946