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 Medicare and Medicaid
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Oft-Maligned Medicare Board Canceled2017
Medicare Bill Addresses Delays in Shift to Electronic Health Records2015
‘Doc Fix’ Ritual Fades into Folklore After Congress Repeals Formula for Medicare2015
Unable to Budget for a ‘Doc Fix,’ Congress Settles for a ‘Doc Delay’2014
Medicare Payment Deal Still Elusive2013
Long-Term ‘Doc Fix’ Out of Reach2012
‘Doc Fix’ Gets Short-Term Extension2011
Doctors’ Medicare Pay Cut Averted2010
Doctors Get Brief Reprieve from Cuts2009
Bush Says Bill Would Harm Seniors2008
Over Veto, Lawmakers Block Pay Reduction for Medicare Doctors2008
Doctors Spared Cut In Medicare Payments2006
Medicare Revamp Cuts It Close2003
Medicare Overhaul Provisions2003
‘Givebacks’ to Medicare Providers Will Rise to Double Previous Year's Level2000
Lawmakers Prescribe Partial Relief For Medicare Providers1999
Big Medicare, Medicaid Changes Enacted in Budget Bills1997
GOP Drops Medicaid Overhaul Plan1996
Finger-Pointing, But No Deal On Medicare's Budget Woes1996
Republicans Seek to Revamp Medicaid1995
Medicare Select Program Goes National1995
Medicare Cuts Vetoed as Part of Budget Reconciliation1995
Discount Drug Prices for Medicaid Relaxed1992
States Restricted on Medicaid Fundraising1991
Regulation of Medigap Plans Tightened1990
Medicare Beneficiaries To Pay More1990
Medicaid Pay Suits OK'd1990
Medicaid Expands To Aid Poor Children1990
Physician-Payment Overhaul Enacted1989
Modest Expansion OK'd In Medicaid Coverage1989
Congress OKs New Curbs On Physician Referrals1989
Catastrophic-Coverage Law Is Repealed1989
Physician-Fee Study Released1988
Catastrophic Health Insurance Bill Enacted1988
Congress Passes Catastrophic-Costs Measure1987
Congress OKs Medicare Cuts, Medicaid Changes1987
Major Medicare, Medicaid Changes Enacted1986
Combating Medical Abuses1986
Catastrophic Illness1986
Medicare Payment Freeze1985
Curbing Medicare Abuses1985
Major Changes Made in Medicare Program1983
Congress Votes Cuts in Medicare, Medicaid1982
Medicare-Medicaid Changes1980
Medicare-Medicaid Benefits1978
Bill Aimed at Medicare, Medicaid Fraud1977
Medicare Amendments1976
Medicare Hearings1975
Medicare Amendments1975
Medicare-Medicaid Administration1970
Medicare Nursing Service1970
Medicare, Medicaid Costs1969
Medicaid Program1969
Medicare Developments1966
Social Security Medicare Program Enacted1965
President Johnson, AMA and Republican Leaders Submit Bills1965
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests 'Medicare', Other Health Programs1965
President's Health Message Stresses Medicare1964
Message to Congress: Johnson Renews Plea for “Medicare”1964
Medicare Program Dies in Conference1964
Showdown Deferred on Medical Care Plan1963
Senate Kills Social Security Health Care Plan1962
Medical Insurance for the Aged1961
“Socialism” Repulsed in Medical Aid Battle1960
Elderly Persons1958