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 Medical Education and Training
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Medical Training1985
Nurse Training Aid1979
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Nurse Training Act1978
Nurse Training Aid Vetoed1978
Foreign Medical Student Requirement Eased1977
Nurse Training Bill Veto1974
Health Manpower Bill Dies in Conference1974
Action Stalled on Medical Research Training Bill1973
VA Medical Schools1972
Military Medical School1972
Medical Libraries1972
Nurses Training Programs1971
Health Scholarships1971
Health Manpower: $2.9–Billion for Fiscal 1972–19741971
Medical Libraries1970
Health Personnel Training1970
Public Health Schools1969
Medical Libraries1969
Message to Congress: Johnson Asks Expanded Medical-Training Programs in"Health in America" Message1968
Congress Extends Major Health Manpower Legislation1968
Training Funds Provided for Allied Health Professions1966
Medical Professions Training Aid1965
Medical Libraries1965
Public Health Training1964
Nurse Training Act1964
Medical Student Loans1964
Medical Training Aid1963
Medical Training Aid1962
Aid for Medical Training1961
Research Facilities1956
Aid To Medical Education1951
Aid To Medical Education1950