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 Managed Care and Health Insurance
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Obama Vetoes Republican Measure to Repeal 2010 Health Care Law2016
Health, Education Money Held Level2014
GOP Attacks Employer Mandate2014
Continued Assault on Health Law Yielded Little More Than Shutdown2013
No Accord on Patients' Rights Bill2002
No Score on Managed Care2001
Despite Lengthy Conference, Lawmakers Cannot Agree On Managed Care2000
Lawmakers Agree on Need For Patients' Rights But Remain Divided on Methods1999
Lawmakers Agree on Need For Changes in Managed Care — But Only in Principle1998
Bill Makes Health Insurance ‘Portable’1996
Bill Expands Health Care Benefits1996
Health Insurance Bill Stalls in Senate1995
Clinton's Health Care Plan Laid to Rest1994
Health-Care Reform Begins in Budget Bill1993
Health-Care Debate Takes Off1993
Alternative Health-Care Proposals1993
Presidential Statement: Bush Outlines Health Plan, Attacks Other Approaches1992
Oregon Health-Care Plan Rejected by Bush1992
Despite Numerous Plans, No Health Reform1992
Health-Care Reform Held Over for 19921991
Bipartisan Health-Care Group Divided1990
HMO Regulations Relaxed1988
House Passes HMO bill to Encourage Greater Payment Flexibility1987
Access to Health Insurance1986
HMO Authorization1985
Backing for Jobless Health Insurance Wanes1983
Federal Aid to HMOs1981
Federal Aid to HMOs1978
House Bill Eases HMO Requirements1975
Health Care for Unemployed1975
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Health Insurance1974
Health Insurance: No Action in 19741974
Limited Experimental Health Care Bill Enacted1973
Armed Services HMO Option1973
Senate Passes Health Maintenance Organization Bill1972
Health Insurance1972
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Health Insurance1971
Health Insurance: Hearings on New Proposals1971
Blue Cross Insurance1971
Health Insurance1970
Private Health Insurance1964
Federal Health Program1959
Health Reinsurance1954
Government Employees Health Service1945