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 Legislative Branch Appropriations
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
U.S. Debt Limit Is Again Suspended2017
Spending Caps Deal Evades Congress2017
Legislative Branch: ‘Fresh Look at Security’ After Shooting2017
House Flirts With Earmarks Revival2017
Convention on Balanced Budget Sought2017
Congressional Budget Office Comes Under Attack From Conservatives2017
Congress Stays on Short Rations2015
Congress Pares Back Its Own Budget2014
Congress Pares Back Its Own Budget2013
Smallest Bill Carries Stopgap Funds2009
Funding for Congress a Non-Starter2008
Smooth Sailing for Capitol Funding2004
A Little for All in Legislative Branch2001
$2.5 Billion Legislative Spending Bill Includes Funds for Staff Raises1999
Legislative Funds Get Slim Increase1997
Legislative Spending Clears With Ease1996
Congress Cuts Legislative Funds1995
Slight Increase for Legislative Branch1994
Legislative Cuts Go Largely Unnoticed1993
Congress Looks At Its Own Bottom Line1992
Legislative Branch Funding Totals $1.6 Billion1986
Legislative Branch Funding1985
$1.55 Billion Legislative Appropriation Cleared1984
Congress' Funding in Continuing Resolution1982
Pay Raise Cut From Legislative Funds Bill1976
Congress Appropriates $827.5-Million for Itself1975
Legislative Funds1974
Legislative Funds: Senate Blocks Capitol Extension1973
Legislative Funds: Capitol Extension Denied1972
$529–Million Cleared for Legislative Branch1971
Legislative Branch Funds1969
Legislative Funds1965
Legislative Funds1963