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 Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Juvenile Crime Bills Stall in Senate2001
Time Runs Out on Bills To Combat Violent Crimes Committed by Juveniles1998
Myriad Disputes Slow Progress Of GOP Juvenile Crime Bills1997
Panel Seeks to Curb Juvenile Crime1996
Crime Prevention and Stiffer Penalties Frame Congressional Policy Toward Juvenile Justice1996
Juvenile Agency Pick OK'd1990
Juvenile-Justice Bill1988
Juvenile Justice Programs1980
Juvenile Justice Extension1977
Juvenile Delinquency1974
Runaway Youth Act1972
Juvenile Justice Institute1972
Juvenile Delinquency1972
Juvenile Institutions1969
House Rewrites and Passes Juvenile Delinquency Bill1967
Juvenile Delinquency1964
Juvenile Delinquency Act1963
Juvenile Delinquency Act1961
Juvenile Delinquency1954