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 Judicial Nominations
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Former Prosecutor Loretta Lynch Confirmed as Attorney General2015
Appellate Nominees Pushed Through2013
Smooth Sailing for Other Nominees2006
'Gang of 14' Averts Judicial Showdown2005
Acrimony Over Judges Continues2004
Judicial Nominee Battles Intensify2003
Acrimony Reigns Over Judicial Picks2002
Longstanding Judicial Vacancies Revive ‘Smaller Is Better’ Crusade2000
Partisan Impasse Blocks Judicial Confirmations For Most of the Year1999
Senate Under Fire for Slow Pace On Judicial Nominations1997
Clinton's Judicial Picks Confirmed1994
Racial Justice at Issue in Carnes Hearings1992
Democrats Ready To Mold Federal Bench1992
Bush Nominated Judges From the Ranks1991
Bush Shifts U.S. Bench Further to the Right1990
Bill Creates 85 Judgeships for Bush To Fill1990
Bush Nominates Thomas To Appeals Court Seat1989
Bush Lags in Filling Judicial Vacancies1989
American Bar Association (ABA) Screening Upheld in Court1989
Court Nominations Rejected1988
Manion Confirmation1986
Fitzwater Confirmation1986
Reagan Nears Carter Record in Naming Judges1985
Reagan Gaining Control of Federal Judiciary1984
U.S. Judicial Appointments Go to White Males1983
Reagan's Judicial Selections1982
Few Women, Minorities Added to Bench1981
New Judgeships: A Patronage Plum for Carter1978
Judicial Tenure1978
Federal District Judgeships1976
Reconfirmation of Judges1972
Federal District Judgeships1972
Judicial Appointments1961
Sobeloff Confirmation1956
Federal Judges, Judgeships1950