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 Interior Department Organization and Funding
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Interior: Interior Bill Is Again a Battleground2016
Interior Bill Flagged Down on Floor2015
Measure Pays for Legal Settlements2010
Interior Bill's Passage Eased by CR2009
Republicans Force End to Drilling Ban2008
More Cuts Planned for Interior2006
Interior Bill Is First to Cross Finish Line2005
River Dispute Slows Interior Bill2004
Lawmakers Pare Land-Buying Funds2003
Fiscal Year 2003: Interior2003
Interior Tops Request by $1 Billion2001
Congress Clears Interior Bill With Big, Bipartisan Increase For Public Lands2000
President Wins on Lands Initiative, Elimination of Most Riders in Interior Bill1999
Funding Increased, Host of GOP Riders Fall In $14.1 Billion Interior Bill1998
Interior Bill Dodges Controversies1997
Interior Bill Sidesteps Controversy1996
Presidential Veto Message: Conservationist Concerns Mark Interior Bill Veto1995
President Rejects Interior Bill1995
Interior Bill Wins Easy Passage1994
Western Issues Hold Sway in Interior Bill1993
House Renewal Bill for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Sidesteps Controversy1993
Scaled-Back Interior Funding Zips Through1992
Little New in Hard-Fought Interior Bill1991
Art, Owls, Oil Drilling Argued in Interior Bill1990
Park Service Autonomy1989
Language on Obscene Art Hangs Up Interior Bill1989
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Reorganization1989
Park Service Reorganization1988
1989 Interior Funds Set at $9.9 Billion1988
Interior Spending Exceeds Reagan's Request1987
Interior Funding Exceeds Reagan Request1986
Interior Funding Rolled Into Catchall Measure1985
Interior Funding Rolled Into Catchall Measure1984
Congress Clears 1984 Interior Funding Bill1983
Congress Clears Interior Appropriations Bill1982
Interior Appropriations Cleared by Congress1981
Interior Appropriations Cleared by Congress1980
Land Management Bureau1978
Interior, Energy Funds1978
Interior Funds Promote Stockpiling of Strategic Petroleum Reserves1977
Interior Appropriations1976
$4.2-Billion Interior Appropriation Signed1975
Congress Approves $3.2-Billion for Interior1974
Interior Department: $ 2.4-Billion for Fiscal 19741973
Funds: $2.5-Billion for Interior Department1972
Interior Appropriations: $2.4-Billion for Fiscal 19721971
Interior Funds Boosted By 31.2 Percent For Fy 19711970
Interior Appropriations1969
Interior Appropriations1968
Interior Bill Is 1st Regular Appropriation Cleared1967
Interior Department Funds1966
Interior Appropriations1965
Interior Appropriations1964
Interior Appropriations1963
Interior Appropriation1961
Interior Appropriation1960
Interior Appropriation1959
Interior Appropriation1958
Interior Appropriation1957
Interior Appropriation1956
Interior, Forest Service1955
Interior Department1951
Forest Service1950
Interior Department Appropriation1947
Interior Department Appropriation1947
Interior Department Appropriation, 19471946
Interior Department Appropriation, 19461945