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 Insurance Industry
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Provisions of House Health Care Bill2017
Demise of GOP Health Care Bill Shows The Limits of Unified Government2017
Children's Health Program Lapses For Two Months Before Renewal2017
Lame Duck Senator Derails Terrorism Risk Insurance Bill2014
After Storms, Wind Coverage at Issue2007
Bank Insurance Bill Stalls in Senate2003
Terrorism Insurers Get Federal Help2002
Terrorism Insurance Measure Stalls2001
Banking Subcommittees Produce Amendments on Insurance and Regulatory Relief1995
Insurance Antitrust Exemption Stalls With Health Care Bill1994
Insurance Industry Kept Exemptions1991
Higher Deposit Insurance Premiums OK'd1990
Unisex Insurance1984
No-Fault Auto Insurance Bill Rejected1978
No-Fault Auto Insurance1976
No-Fault Auto Insurance1975
Crime Insurance Programs1975
Senate Votes No-Fault Auto Insurance1974
Truth in Life Insurance1973
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Unemployment Insurance1973
No-Fault Auto Insurance: Senate Action Delayed1973
No-Fault Insurance1972
No-Fault Auto Insurance1971
Insurance Regulation1970
Insurance Regulation1969
Credit Insurance1969
Auto Insurance Study1968
Federal Insurance Veto1967
Automobile Insurance1967
Vocational Loan Insurance1965
Life Insurance Taxes1959
Federal Employee Insurance1954