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 Illegal Drugs
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Marijuana Policy Remains Vague2014
House Backs Hyde's Effort, Passing Bill To Curb Abuse In Federal Property Seizures1999
Drug Czar's Office1997
Asset Seizures1997
Few Developments in War on Drugs1991
Drug Testing Required for Transit Workers1991
Smaller Antidrug Measures Pass in 19901990
Truck Stop Drugs1989
Presidential Address: Bush Anti-Drug Proposal Slated to Add $2.2 Billion1989
More Anti-Drug Bills Cleared in 19891989
Mandatory Drug-Testing OK'd for Some Workers1989
Drug-Testing Measures1989
Transportation Drug-Test Plan Fails to Clear1988
Pentagon Anti-Drug Efforts1988
Election-Year Anti-Drug Bill Enacted1988
Drug Testing of Hill Staff1986
Congress Clears Massive Anti-Drug Measure1986
‘Designer Drug’ Ban1985
Pharmacy Robberies1984
Drug Abuse Monitoring1984
Aviation Drug Trafficking1984
Drug Treatment Program1983
Drug Abuse Treatment1981
Drug Loophole Plugged1980
Jordan Cocaine Probe1979
Drug Loophole1979
Drug Law Revision1979
Drug Abuse Programs1979
Drug Dependent Offenders1978
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Drug Law Revision1977
Drug Abuse Prevention1975
Committee Probes Drug Enforcement Effort1975
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Drug Abuse1974
Narcotic Treatment Programs1974
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 19731973
Narcotics Treatment Programs1973
Drug Abuse Education1973
Anti-Drug Effort Scored1973
Methadone Treatment1972
Information on Illegal Drugs1972
Drug Treatment for Veterans1972
Drug Treatment1972
Drug Abuse Prevention: New Programs Approved1972
Drug Abuse Education1972
Veterans' Drug Treatment1971
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Drug Control Programs1971
Pep Pills And Drivers1971
Methadone Program1971
International Drug Traffic1971
Heroin Addiction1971
Drugs in The Military1971
Drug Treatment in Prisons1971
Drug Abuse Prevention1971
Drug Abuse Funds1971
Drug Abuse Control: Senate Approves $1.7-Billion1971
Drug Abuse Prevention1970
Drug Abuse Education1970
D.C. Drug Control1970
Comprehensive Drug Control Bill Cleared By Congress1970
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Plan to Attack Drug Abuse1969
Congress Investigates Drug Abuse, Effect, Prices1969
Message to Congress: Johnson on Bureau of Narcotics1968
Drug Abuse Control1968
Goddard on Marijuana1967
Narcotic Addict Act Marks Change in Policy1966