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 Hunger Relief Programs
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Law Funds Crop Insurance, Restores Food Stamps For Legal Immigrants1998
Food Stamp Measure Clears1994
Leland Act To Expand Food Stamp Program1993
Supplemental Food Program Improved1992
Nutrition, Food Stamps Bills Left Pending1991
Food Stamp Program Extended Five Years1990
Nutrition Programs Extended1988
Food Stamp Eligibility1987
Senior Citizens' Meals1986
Food Stamp Benefits, Eligibility Expanded1985
Stalemate Blocks Expansion of Food Aid1984
Meals for Elderly1983
Hunger Reports Prompt Food Aid Expansion1983
More Changes Made in Food Stamp Program1982
Food Stamp Legislation1981
Extra $3 Billion Voted for Food Stamps1980
Food Stamp Spending1979
Congress Overhauls Food Stamp Program1977
Food Stamp Vendors1976
Food Stamp Program Chief1976
Efforts to Revise Food Stamp Program Fail1976
Presidential Statement: Ford's Food Stamp Reform1975
Presidential Statement: Ford's Food Stamp Program1975
Food Stamp Price Hike1975
Food Stamp Eligibility1975
Nutrition AID for Elderly1974
Food Stamp Eligibility1974
Commodity Assistance1974
Nutrition for Aged1972
Food Stamps1972
Nutrition for Aged1971
Hungry People1971
Hunger Hearings1971
Hearings on Hunger and Health1970
Food Stamps1970
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Food Assistance Proposals1969
McGovern Committee Leads Fight Against Hunger1969
Congress Raises Food Stamp Funds, Studies Reform1969
Food Stamp Program1968
Congress, Administration Focus Attention On Hunger1968
World Food Crisis1967
Food Stamp Program1967
School Milk Extension1958
Food Stamp Plan1958