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 Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Health Centers Reauthorized2002
Congress Acts To Oversee Infertility Clinics1992
Emergency Services, Trauma Care Improved1990
Trauma-Care Bill1989
Regional Trauma Centers1988
Congress Stiffens Controls on Clinical Labs1988
Community Health Centers1988
Community Health Centers1986
Community Health Centers1985
PHS Hospital Funding Ended1981
Aid to Hospitals1980
Emergency Medical Services1979
Health Services, Centers1978
Clinical Lab Regulation1978
Rural Health Clinics1977
Clinical Laboratory Standards1977
Emergency Medical Care1976
Clinical Lab Standards1976
Presidential Veto Message: Nixon Vetoes Medical Services Act1973
Nixon Loses on Emergency Medical Care, Phs Hospitals1973
Non-Profit Hospital Employees1972
Hospital Construction1972
Emergency Medical Care1972
Health Service Hospitals1971
Hospital Construction1969
Regional Medical Programs1968
Hospital Modernization1967
Hospital Modernization1966
Hospital Closings1965
Hill-Burton Amendments1964
Freedmen's Hospital1961
Community Health Facilities1961
Hospital Construction1958
Hospital Construction1954
Federal Aid for Hospitals1946
D.C. Hospital and Slum Clearance Bills1946
Federal Aid for Hospital Construction1945