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 Foreign Aid Appropriations
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
State-Foreign Operations: Senate More Generous With Foreign Aid2017
State-Foreign Operations: Foreign Aid Bill Stalled After Starting2016
Congress Clears Bills to Improve Effectiveness of Foreign Aid Programs2016
Budget Deal Helps Foreign Operations2015
War-Related Foreign Spending Is Cut2014
War-Related Foreign Spending Is Cut2013
Hill Attaches Strings to Foreign Aid2011
Increased Aid Authorized for Social, Economic Development in Pakistan2009
Foreign Aid Enjoys Singular Boost2005
Foreign Aid Bill Falls; Domestic Need Cited1991
Rare Stand-Alone Foreign Aid Bill Is Enacted1988
Foreign Aid Appropriations1982
Foreign Aid Appropriations1980
Foreign Aid Appropriations1979
Congress Clears Smallest Foreign Aid Bill In History1968
Major Revision of Aid Program Rejected1965
New Foreign Aid Restrictions Voted1962
Congress Revises Foreign AID Program1961
Foreign Aid Act1947