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 First Amendment Issues
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Contentious Cases Fill Court's Docket2017
Flag-Burning Amendment Stalls in the Senate Again2005
Flag Proposal Fizzles2004
Senate Vote Falls Short, Killing Flag Amendment For 106th Congress2000
House Again Supports Amendment To Protect Flag; No Senate Vote Taken1999
Religious Freedom1997
Flag Burning Amendment Rejected1995
Amendment To Ban Flag Burning Fails1990
Supreme Court Ruling: Divided on Issue of Flag Burning1989
Court Sets Off Furor On Flag Burning1989
House Chaplain Vote1982
Bill Cleared to Stop Newsroom Searches1980
Newsman's Privilege: Action Stalled on Shield Bill1973
Freedom of the Press1971
Flag Burning Decision1969
Supreme Court Upholds Draft Card Burning Amendment1968
Subversive Activities1968
Flag Desecration1968
First Amendment1968
Flag Desecration1967
Registration Under Subversive Activities Act Held Illegal1965
Smith Act1961
Student Affidavit1960
Religious Issue Plays Major Role in Campaign1960
Student Loyalty Oath1959
Contempt Citations1957
Un-American Activities1955
Constitutional Rights1955
Communist Party Ban1954
Un-American Activities1953
Internal Security Investigation1953
Internal Security Probe1952
Un-American Activities1951
Internal Security Act1950
Christoffel Case1950
Communists and Subversives1949
Condon Case1948
Hollywood Contempt Citations1947
Committee on Un-American Activities1946
Un-American Activities Committee1945