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 Environment Annual Overviews
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Trump, Republicans Join Forces to Undo Obama's Environmental Legacy2017
Achievements, Missteps Mark GOP Record on Environment1996
While Many Environmental Measures Languish, Central Valley Project and Coastal Zones Measure Gain Traction1995
Environmental Priorities Include Lead Exposure, Wetlands Protections and Landfill Issues1994
Many Environment Bills Offered; Few Pass1993
Hill Takes Up Wide Range of Environmental Issues1992
Environment/Energy 1988: Overview1988
Environment/Energy 1987: Overview1987
Environment/Energy 1986: Overview1986
Environment/Energy 1985: Overview1985
Environment/Energy 1984: Overview1984
Environment and Energy, 1983 Overview1983
Environment 1982: Overview1982
Environment 1981: Overview1981
Environment 1980: Overview1980
Presidential Statement: Carter's Environmental Message to Congress1979
Energy/Environment 1979: Overview1979
Energy and Environment, 1978 Overview1978
Presidential Statement: Carter on Protection of the Environment1977
Energy and Environment 1977: Overview1977
Energy and Environment 1976: Overview1976
Energy and Environment, 1975 Overview1975
Energy and Environment 1974: Overview1974
Energy and Environment 1973: Overview1973