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 Energy Policy
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Energy Bill Loses Momentum After Two Years of Deliberation2016
House Passes Broad Energy Bill, But Senate Counterpart Measure Stalls2015
GOP Advances Measures in House to Push Offshore Drilling, Pipeline2012
Energy Overhaul Includes Many Bush Priorities — But Not ANWR2005
Details of the Energy Policy Overhaul2005
Energy Bill Falls Short, Again2003
Stakes Too High on Energy Bill2002
House Passes Bush Energy Plan2001
Energy Bill Surges Toward Enactment1992
Proposal to Drill in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) Kills Energy Bill1991
Little Action on Energy Policy in 19901990
Presidential Address: Carter's Energy Problem Address1979
Oil Tax, Synfuels and a ‘Fast Track’ Board1979
Energy Bill: The End of an Odyssey1978
Presidential Address: Carter's Energy Crisis Proposals1977
Congress Adjourns Without an Energy Bill1977
Carter Energy Bill Fails to Clear1977
Presidential Statement: Ford's Energy Proposals1976
Ford Ends Stalemate, Signs Energy Bill1975
Presidential Veto Message: Ford Vetoes Emergency Energy Act1974
Presidential Statement: Nixon Proposes National Policy to Deal With Energy Problems1973
Emergency Energy Act: No Final Action in 19731973
House, Senate Committees Study Energy Supplies1972