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 Energy/Water Appropriations Bills
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Energy-Water Development: Energy-Water Bill Stalled by Discord2016
Energy, Water Spending is Increased2015
Popular Water Projects Ease Passage2009
Chambers Split on Nuclear Programs2008
Chambers Split on Nuclear Programs2006
Bill Cuts Back Yucca Mountain Funding2005
Dispute Centers on Nuclear Waste2004
Fiscal Year 2003: Energy-Water2003
Deal Reached on Energy-Water Bill2003
Bill Boosts Funds for Energy, Water2002
Cuts Restored in Energy-Water Bill2001
Congress Rewrites Energy-Water Bill After Missouri River Dispute Draws Veto2000
Energy-Water Bill Clears After House Leaders Dredge Up More for Water Projects1999
Energy-Water Spending Bill Not Last Word in Dispute Over Funding the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)1998
Water, Weapons Get More Funds1997
Energy Bill Boosts Weapons Funding1996
Energy Bill Spreads Cuts Evenly1995
No Sparks Over Energy, Water Funds1994
Energy Bill Includes Nuclear Test Cutoff1992
Atom Smasher Funded in Energy Bill1991
$20.2 Billion for Energy, Water Projects1990
Energy and Water Bill Funds Supercollider1989
‘No New Starts’ in Energy and Water Bill1988
Nuclear Issues Dominate Energy and Water Bill1987
$15 Billion Appropriated for Energy, Water1986
Energy/Water Spending Bill Is First to Clear1985
Energy/Water Spending Bill is First to Clear1984
Energy/Water Funds1982
$12.5 Billion Energy-Water Bill Cleared1981
$12 Billion Energy, Water Funds Bill Cleared1980
Public Works, Energy Development Funds1979
$20 Billion Voted for Alternative Fuels1979
Public Works Funds1958
Public Works1957
Public Works Funds1956