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 Endangered Species and Wildlife Management
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Endangered Species Revamp Stalls2017
Sage Grouse Decision Delayed2014
Senate Delays on Endangered Species2005
Senate Starts on Species Act Rewrite1997
Endangered Species Act1997
Neither Chamber Advances Endangered Species Bill1995
Hill Revamps Marine Mammal Act1994
Hill Leaves Timber Feud to Courts1994
House Approves Biological Inventory1993
Exemption Extended for Marine Mammal Kills1993
Rocky Mountain Arsenal To Be Wildlife Refuge1992
Endangered Species Act Remained in Limbo1992
Endangered Species Act Revision Looms1991
Timber, Spotted Owl Forces in Standoff1990
Wetlands Bill Clears1989
Endangered Species Cleared1988
Fish and Wildlife Bill1987
Endangered Species Act1987
Wildlife Refuge Veto1985
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Wildlife Refuge1985
Endangered Species Act1985
Wetlands Protection Bill1984
Wetlands Loan Extended1984
Marine Mammal Protection1984
House Clears Wetlands Bill1983
Marine Mammal Protection1981
Illegal Wildlife Trafficking1981
Fish and Wildlife Protection1980
Fish and Wildlife Grants1980
Endangered Species Funds1980
Endangered Species Act1979
Nongame Wildlife Bill1978
Marine Mammal Protection1978
Endangered Species Curbs1978
Endangered Species1977
Wildlife Refuges1976
Wildlife Refuges1975
Wildlife Refuge System1974
Endangered Species1973
Wildlife Restoration1972
San Francisco Bay Wildlife1972
Predator Controls and Endangered Species1972
Congress Approves Moratorium on Sea Mammal Killing1972
Bald Eagle Protection1972
Animal Control and Protection1972
Marine Mammals1971
Wildlife Restoration Acts1970
Wildlife Conservation Bills1969
Endangered Species1969
Threatened Wildlife Species1966
Threatened Species1965