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 Electricity and Utilities
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Power Politics: Lawmakers Fail in Effort to Deregulate Electricity, Spur Competition2000
Despite Progress in the House, Attempt to Open Electricity Markets Stalls1999
Bliley Pulls Plug On 1998 Effort To Deregulate Electricity1998
Slow Start on Electricity Deregulation1997
Next on the Agenda: Electric Power1996
Power Plant Location1970
Electric Power Supply1970
Electric Power Demands Clash With Environment1970
Power Regulation1968
Power Regulation1967
Power Failures1967
Northeast Blackout1965
Electric CO-OP Funds1965
West Coast Power Intertie Wins Approval1964
Power Report Surveys Future of Electric Industry1964
Major 1964 Actions on Electric Power Policy1964
Northwest Power Sales1963
Northwest Power Sales1962
Public Power Reports1956
Public Power Hearings1955
Power Policy Inquiry1953
Power Policy1949