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 District of Columbia
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Guns Proposal Sinks D.C. Voting Bill2009
D.C. Voting Bill Falls Short in Senate2007
D.C. Gets Vote of Confidence2004
Appropriators Generous to D.C.2002
D.C. Bill Allows Partners' Benefits2001
Mixed Bag of Amendments Gives District of Columbia ‘Lemons … With the Sweets’1998
Congress Clears D.C. Bill on Final Day1997
Board to Oversee D.C. Finances1995
D.C. Funding Clears at 11th Hour1994
House Rejects D.C. Statehood Bill1993
D.C. Abortion Funding Restrictions Eased1993
D.C. Statehood Initiative Dies in Committee1992
D.C. Appropriations Tied to Social Issues1992
D.C. Bill Passed After Abortion Veto1991
Congress and the District of Columbia1991
D.C. Elects Mayor, ‘Shadow’ Delegation1990
Abortion-Free D.C. Bill OK'd by Senate1990
District Policies Hit Hard in Spending Bill1988
District Caught in Fiscal '88 Budget Squeeze1987
Capitol Historical Society1982
District of Columbia Funds1981
District of Columbia Funds1980
District of Columbia Funds1979
District of Columbia Bills1979
D.C. Representation1978
District of Columbia Funds1976
Congress Grants Nation's Capital Limited Home Rule1973
D.C. Appropriations: $834.8-Million for Fiscal 19731972
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on The District of Columbia1971
District of Columbia Bills1971
D.C. Revenue1971
D.C. Home Rule1971
D.C. Representation1970
D.C. Appropriations1970
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's D.C. Proposals1969
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on D.C. Reorganization1969
D.C. Revenue1969
D.C. Legislation1969
D.C. Appropriations1969
District Of Columbia Bills1968
D.C. Revenue1968
Reorganization Gives D.C. A Mayor and Council1967
Message to Congress: Johnson's D.C. Reorganization Plan1967
Message to Congress: Johnson on District of Columbia1967
D.C. Crime1967
D.C. Home Rule1966
Home Rule for District of Columbia Fails1965
D.C. Rapid Transit1965
D.C. Crime Bill1965
D.C. Payments1963
D.C. Crime1963
New Amendment Gives D.C Presidential Electors1961
D.C. Voting Rules1961
D.C Revenue, Schools1961
Constitutional Amendment on D.C Suffrage1960
D. C. Home Rule1959
D. C. Home Rule1958
District of Columbia1955
D.C. Home Rule1955
D.C. Elections1955
District of Columbia1954
District of Columbia1953
D.C. Delegate, Home Rule1953
District Of Columbia1952
District of Columbia Funds1951
District of Columbia Funds1950
District of Columbia1949
District of Columbia1949
District of Columbia1948
District of Columbia Appropriation, 19471946
District of Columbia Appropriation, 19471946
District of Columbia Housing1945
District of Columbia Hospital Center1945