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 Development Aid to Economically Depressed Areas
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Bill To Aid Depressed Regions Stalls in the Senate1994
Congress Votes To Create Enterprise Zones1993
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Message on Enterprise Zones1983
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Message to Congress on Enterprise Zones1982
Economic Development1982
Economic Development Plan1980
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposal for Economic Development1979
Economic Development Aid1979
Economic Development Act1976
1965 Economic Development Act Extended1974
Economic Development Act1970
Appalachian, Regional Development Acts Extended1969
New Aid Program Voted for Depressed Areas1965
$1.1 Billion Appalachia Aid Bill Approved1965
House Rebuffs Kennedy on Area Redevelopment Bill1963
President Kennedy's Message on Economic Recovery and Growth1961
Congress Enacts Area Redevelopment Bill1961
Area Redevelopment1961
Area Redevelopment Bill Veto Sustained1960
Area Redevelopment1959