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Shootings Shadow Gun-Related Bills2017
Senators Take On Asset Forfeiture2017
House Bill Takes Precedence In Bid to Curb Sex Trafficking2017
Criminal Justice Changes Are Pursued2017
Census, Law Grants Receive Increases2013
Lawmakers Take Aim at ID Theft2004
Lawmakers Make Changes To Laws Governing Seizure Of Assets in Criminal Cases2000
Witness Protection1997
Crime Prevention Legislation Takes Aim At Multiple Targets, Including Drugs, Fraud, and Crimes Against Children and the Elderly1996
Tough Talk, Little Progress on GOP's Crime Agenda1995
Rejection of Clinton Crime Policy Prompts Veto of Appropriations Bill for Commerce, Justice and State Departments1995
Presidential Statement: Clinton Says Vote on Crime Bill 'Failed the American People'1994
Lawmakers Enact $30.2 Billion Anti-Crime Bill1994
Crime Bill Provisions1994
Senate OKs Omnibus Anti-Crime Bill1993
No Compromise Forged on Crime Bill1992
Money-Laundering Bill Finally Gets Through1992
Money Laundering Bill Still a Non-Starter1991
Anti-Crime Bill Falls Victim to Partisanship1991
Bush Signs Stripped-Down Crime Bill1990
Presidential Address: Bush Anti-Crime Package Urges Higher Spending1989
Crime Bills Move Ahead With Partisan Push1989
Attorneys’ Fee Seizure1989
Odometer Fraud1985
Bank Bribery1985
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Armed Career Criminals Bill1984
Major Crime Package Cleared by Congress1984
Insanity Defense Revisions1983
Credit Card Fraud1983
Anti-Crime Package Stalls in Senate Again1983
Anti-Crime Grant Program1983
Threats to Public Officials1982
Reagan Vetoes Package of Anti-Crime Bills1982
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Anti-Crime Bill1982
Presidential Statement: Reagan on Crime Legislation1982
Mail Fraud Bill Fails to Clear1982
Insanity Defense Unchanged1982
Extradition Revision Dies1982
Criminal Code Revision Dies1982
Crimes Against Officials1982
Anti-Arson Legislation1982
Bail Revision Measure1981
Anti-Crime Aid to States1981
Pretrial Bail Program1980
Criminal Code Bills Die in Both Chambers1980
Senate Judiciary Reports Criminal Code Bill1979
Computer Fraud1979
Senate-Passed Criminal Code Dies in House1978
Criminal Code Revision1977
Subcommittee Approves Criminal Law Reform1975
Presidential Statement: Ford's Message on Crime Control1975
Congress Revises Rules of Criminal Procedure1975
Pre-Trial Diversion1973
Criminal Law Review1973
Crime Control Amendments1973
Pre-Trial Rehabilitation1972
House Crime Committee1972
Habeas Corpus1972
Federal Criminal Law Revision1972
Speedy Trials1971
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Urges Sharing Revenue for Crime-Fighting1971
Penal Reform1971
Criminal Laws Reform1971
Public Defender System1970
Wiretapping Decisions Highlight Criminal Law Rulings1969
Public Defenders1969
Message to Congress: Johnson's Message on Crime1968
Major Crime Rulings1968
Major Anticrime Bills Approved as Violence Increases1968
Congress Passes Extensive Anticrime Legislation1968
Presidential Address: Johnson on 'Law and Order in America'1967
Message to Congress: Johnson's on Crime1967
Johnson's War Against Crime1967
House Rewrites and Passes Safe Streets Bill1967
Evidence Suppression1967
Criminal Investigations1967
Message to Congress: Johnson on Crime and Law Enforcement1966
Further Steps Taken on Anticrime Legislation1966
Senate Eases Bail System For Accused Persons1965
Message to Congress: Johnson's March 8 Message on Crime1965
Anticrime Program Presented to Congress1965
Total Arrests by Age Groups, 19631964
Major Offenses in 1963, Rate and Rank of 191 U.S. Cities1964
Letter on Public Defenders Legislation1963
Sabotage, Espionage1954
Loss Of Nationality1954
Witness Immunity1953
D.C. Crime Probe1952
Crimes In Planes1952
D.C. Crime Bill1951