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 Congressional Pay and Member Benefits
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Legislative Branch: House Votes to Again Skip a Pay Raise2016
Lawmakers Grant Themselves a Raise1997
Madison Amendment Surprises Lawmakers1992
Senate Ended Honoraria, Voted 23% Raise1991
Lawmakers' Pay Raised, Fees Curbed1990
Congress Hikes Pay, Revises Ethics Law1989
Proposal Made for 51 Percent Pay Hike1988
Congressional Pay1985
Pay Raise Repeal Effort Fails1984
Congressional Pay Raises1983
Congressional Tax Breaks1982
Congressional Pay Raise1982
Pay Hike Rejected1981
Congress Votes Itself New Pay Benefits1981
Pay, Abortion Issues Delay Hill Funding Bills1979
Legislative Appropriations1979
Pay Hike Deferral1977
Congressional Pensions1977
Congress Votes Controversial Pay Raise1977
Congress Votes Top-Level Pay Raise1975
Executive Pay Killed1974
Congressional Pay Raise1973
First Federal Pay Bill Rejected; Compromise Enacted1964
Congressional, Judicial Pay1955
Congressional Pensions1954
Appropriation for the Legislative Branch, 19461945