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 Coal and Synthetic Fuels
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Coal-Slurry Bill Renewed1989
Coal-Slurry Measures Lapse1988
Strip-Mining Restrictions1987
Coal Leasing Suspended1984
Federal Coal Leasing Moratorium Adopted1983
Coal Slurry Defeated1983
Coal Slurry Pipelines1982
Coal Slurry Pipelines1981
Synthetic Fuels Program1980
Strip Mining Amendments1980
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposal for Utility Coal Conversion1980
Coal Gasification1980
Coal Conversion1980
Synthetic Fuels Programs1979
Strip Mine Exemptions1979
Strip Mining1978
Coal Slurry Bill Killed by Heavy Lobbying1978
Coal Leasing Amendments1978
Strip Mining Control Bill Signed1977
Coal Slurry1977
Synthetic Fuels1976
Strip Mining1976
Presidential Veto Message: Ford Vetoes Coal Leasing1976
Coal Slurry Pipelines1976
Coal Leasing Amendments1976
Coal Leasing Rules1975
Strip Mining Bill Pocket Vetoed1974
Coal Pipelines1974
Senate Passes Strip Mining Bill; House Fails to Act1973
Bills Regulating Strip Mining Die in Senate1972
Surface Mining1968
Surface Mining1967
Mine Exploration1966
Coal Slurry Pipelines1962
Coal Research1960
Coal Research Veto1959
Synthetic Fuel1948