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 Classified Information and Declassification
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Obama Commutes Manning Sentence2017
Attorney General Held in Contempt Over Flawed Gun-Tracking Effort2012
FOIA Backlog Spurs Overhaul, Penalties2007
Lawmakers Clear Amended Intelligence Bill After First Attempt Draws Clinton Veto2000
One FOIA Bill Clears, But Overhaul Bill Stalls1984
Congress Clears Names-of-Agents Bill1982
Agents' Identities Bills1981
U.S. Intelligence Agents1980
‘Graymail’ Criminal Cases1980
Intelligence Committee1977
Intelligence Leak Sidetracks Reform Efforts1976
House, Senate Probe Government Classification Policy1972
Government Information Policies Held Inadequate1972
Otepka Security Case1963
Government Information1956