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Problems Ahead for 2020 Census2017
House Passes Bill To Allow Census Count Verification, But Senate Takes No Action1999
From Courts to Congress, Battles Rage Over The 2000 Census1998
Census 2000 Dispute Jeopardizes Full-Year Funding For Commerce, Justice and State Departments1998
Suburbia: A Growing Political Force1997
Census Numbers Stand1993
Efforts To Adjust 1990 Census Fail1991
Cities Fault Census for Undercount1990
Three Census Bills Defeated1988
Mid-Decade Census1976
Census Director1973
Census Confidentiality1972
Census Controversy1970
Census Information1969
Census Questions1968
Mid-Decade Census1967
203 Rural, 50 Suburban, 103 Urban, 79 Mixed Districts1963
State-by-State Breakdown of Final 1960 Census Figures1962
House Enlargement1962
Congressional Redistricting1962
Congressional Apportionment 1789–19601962
Fifteen States Took Redistricting Action in 19611961
9 States to Gain, 16 to Lose Congressional Seats1960
House Reapportionment1959
House Shifts to Follow 1960 Census1957
Congressional Redistricting1952
Parkersburg, W. Va.1950
Census Surveys1948
Census of Manufactures and Business1946
Census of Agriculture1945