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 Airline Industry and Air Transportation
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Lawmakers Settle for Six-Month FAA Bill2017
Stuck on Aviation Policy Differences, Congress Extends FAA Authority As Is2016
Full FAA Reauthorization Enacted After Four Years of Temporary Laws2012
Full FAA Reauthorization Advances but Does Not Reach Obama's Desk2011
FAA Multi-Year Bill Remains Elusive; Short-Term Extension Clears2010
Short-Term Measures Keep Aviation Programs Alive as Broader Bill Stalls2009
Funding Debate Delays FAA Action2007
Congress Takes Steps to Repeal Love Field ‘Wright Amendment’2006
Privatization Controversy Dogs Bill for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)2003
FAA Reauthorization Provisions for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Address Aviation Security, Environmental Impact, Passenger Fees2003
Airline Security Law Refined2002
Provisions of the Aviation Security Law2001
Law Federalizes Airport Security2001
Airlines Get $15 Billion in Aid2001
Shuster-Driven Bill Funds Billions in Upgrades for Airports, Air-Traffic Control2000
Disputes Over Funding Leave Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Negotiators Still Circling at Adjournment1999
Dispute Over Competition Leads to Interim Six-Month Reauthorization of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)1998
Airline Ticket Taxes Restructured1997
Federal Express Fight Slows Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Bill1996
Federal Aviation Administration Overhaul Remains in Committee1995
FAA Reauthorized for Three Years1994
Airline Pension Bill Passes1993
Airline Commission Sends Report to the Hill1993
New Rules for Airline Reservations Systems1992
Troubled Airlines Got No Help From Hill1991
Bush Gets Parts of Aviation Package1990
Aviation Security Bills Cleared by Congress1990
Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs) of Airlines Limited Under House Measure1989
Eastern Strike Solution Eludes Lawmakers1989
Aviation Security1989
Air-Traffic Controllers1988
Smoking Ban in Transportation Funding Bill1987
Airport Reauthorization Bill Enacted1987
Airline Passenger Protection in Conference1987
Tax Bill Revives Dormant Airport Program1982
Airport Tax, Development1980
Aircraft Noise Control Agreement Reached1979
Congress Clears Airline Deregulation Bill1978
Airline Noise Control Bill1978
Cargo Airline Rates1977
Aviation Noise1977
Airline Deregulation1977
Federal Airport Development Act Reactivated1976
Air Fares for Elderly1976
Presidential Statement: Ford on Airline Deregulation1975
Congress Approves Measure to Aid Pan Am, TWA1974
Airport and Airways Aid1973
Airline Charters1973
Senate, House Fail to Agree on Skyjacking Penalties1972
Local Air Service1972
Commercial Air Carriers1972
Lockheed Loan Guarantee Bill Cleared on Close Votes1971
International Air Fares1971
Air Transportation1971
Compromise Stalls Decision on SST for Three Months1970
Aircraft Hijackings1970
Airport Development1969
Airlines Acquisition1969
Congress Takes Little Action On Airport Problems1968
Aviation Safety1967
Airport Needs Studied1967
Foreign Air Fares1963
Congress Provides $60 Million for Supersonic Transport1963
Supplemental Airlines1962
Supplemental Airlines1961
Plane Hijacking1961
Air Subsidies1958
Air Carrier Loans1957
Aviation Hearings1956
Airmail Subsidy1953
Aircraft Insurance1951
Air Line Subsidies1951
Airline Subsidies1950
Airlines Investigation1949