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 Agricultural Price Support and Subsidies
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Farm Law Reshapes Subsidies2008
Longstanding Farm Laws Rewritten1996
Attempts to Limit Dairy Production Unsuccessful1991
Large Farms Keep Irrigation Subsidies1990
Crop Yields1989
Farm Payments Capped1986
Reagan 'Freeze' on Farm Aid Clears Congress1984
Wheat Program Changes1983
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Milk Price Support Program1983
Congress Revises Dairy, Tobacco Programs1983
Dairy Raise Blocked1981
Grain Target Prices1980
Consumer-Labor Votes Kill House Sugar Bill1979
1977 Farm Bill Raises Crop Price Supports1977
Peanut Subsidies1976
Milk Price Veto Override1976
Milk Price Supports1975
Sugar Beet Subsidies1971
Three Rival New Farm Program Proposals Compared1969
Agricultural Programs1969
Message to Congress: Johnson's Agriculture Message1968
Farm Bargaining1968
Congress Extends Federal Farm Programs One Year1968
Agricultural Policy1967
Message to Congress: Johnson's Request for Farm Legislation1965
Message to Congress: Johnson's Farm Message Separates Social, Commercial Aims1965
Message to Congress: Kennedy's Jan. 31 Farm Message1963
Kennedy Farm Program Stalemated in 19631963
President Kennedy's Message on Agriculture1961
Cooperation to Solve Farm Problems Urged1960
President's Farm Message Calls for Price Support Revision1959
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Proposes Farm Program1958
Soil Bank Enacted After Farm Bill VETO1956
President Outlines 9-Point Farm Program1956
Farm Price Supports1955
Farm Price Supports1952
Long-Range Farm Planning1947
Agriculture Committee Activities1947
Labor Costs in Farm Parity Prices1946