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 Agricultural Appropriations and Farm Bills
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Agriculture: More Farm Spending, Fewer Rules2016
Agriculture Spending is Trimmed2015
Sharp Partisan Divide on Food Aid Impedes Conference on Farm Bill2013
Nutrition, FDA Get Small Increases2013
Farm Law Gets One-Year Extension After Five-Year Bill Meets Opposition2012
Agriculture Funds OK'd in Minibus2011
Farm Programs, Food Stamps Grow2009
Bush Also Rejects Revised Farm Bill2008
Spending in Farm Bill Prompts Veto2008
Following a Protracted Money Fight, Farm Bill Enacted Over Bush Veto2008
Extra Spending for Food Programs2008
Work Begins on New Farm Bill; Conference Put Off Until 20082007
Bush Prevails on Cuba, Drug Imports2007
Chambers' Differences Unresolved2006
Congress Delays Food-Labeling Rule2005
Some Fallow Times for Agriculture2004
Fiscal Year 2003: Agriculture2003
Agriculture Bill Carries Omnibus2003
Provisions of the Farm Bill2002
Farm Subsidy Fight Put Off2002
'02 Farm Bill Revives Subsidies2002
Farm Bill Delayed a Year2001
Drug Plan Cut From Agriculture Bill2001
Agriculture Spending Bill Sparks Fiery Debate On International Sanctions2000
Putting Differences Aside, Lawmakers Clear $69 Billion Agriculture Spending Bill1999
Farm Aid Rift Prompts Veto, Forces Agriculture Bill Into Year-End Spending Package1998
FDA Reform Slows Agriculture Bill1997
Farm Bill Provisions1996
Agriculture Programs Stay the Course1996
Plan to Cut Farm Programs Stalls1995
Congress Works on Pieces of Broad Farm Bill1995
Agriculture Bill Passes with Ease1995
Agriculture Funds Drop $3 Billion1994
Entitlement Programs Mold Agriculture Bill1993
$3.2 Billion Cut From Agriculture Programs1993
Agriculture Funded at $60.5 Billion1992
Congress Enacts Lean Farm Package1990
Farm Program Changes1989
Agriculture Spending Bill Equals $39.5 Billion1989
Agriculture Spending Avoids Controversy1988
Agriculture, Food Programs Given $56 Billion1987
Agriculture Appropriations Total $45.2 Billion1986
1985 Farm Bill Changes1986
Stopgap Bill Had $36.3 Billion for Agriculture1985
Farm Bill Granted a Limited ‘Win’ to All Sides1985
Farm Program Funds Included In Stopgap Bill1984
Agriculture Funding Included in Stopgap Bill1983
$34 Billion Voted for Farm, Food Programs1982
New Farm Bill Clears by Two-Vote Margin1981
Agriculture Appropriations1981
Agriculture Appropriations1980
Agriculture Funds1979
Pared-Down Emergency Farm Bill Enacted1978
Agriculture Appropriations1978
Agriculture Appropriations1977
Agriculture Appropriations1976
House Sustains Veto of Emergency Farm Bill1975
Congress Votes $11-Billion for Farm Programs1975
Presidential Address: Ford on Agriculture Appropriations1974
Agriculture Funds1974
Omnibus Farm Bill: New Target Price System Voted1973
Agriculture-Environment-Consumer Funds: $9.9-Billion1973
Agriculture-Environment Funds: $13.4-Billion for 19731972
Funds Approved for Agriculture, Consumer Protection1971
Congress Appropriates $8.1 Billion For Agriculture1970
1970 Agricultural Act Cleared After 16-Month Debate1970
Agriculture Appropriations1969
Agriculture Funds1968
Agriculture Funds1967
Agriculture Funds1966
Cotton Highlights Four-Year Farm Bill1965
Agriculture Funds1964
Fiscal 1963 Farm Supplemental1963
Agriculture Funds1963
Agriculture Funds1962
Agriculture Funds1961
Agriculture Funds1960
Agriculture Funds1959
Agriculture Funds1958
Agricultural Act of 19581958
Agriculture Funds1957
Agriculture Funds1956
Agricultural Act Of 19491949
Agricultural Act Of 19481948
Agriculture Department Appropriation1947
Agriculture Department Appropriation1947
Agriculture Department Appropriation, 19471946
Agriculture Department Appropriation, 19471946
Department of Agriculture Appropriation, 19461945
Department of Agriculture Appropriation1945