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 Abortion and Family Planning
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Late-Term Abortion Bill Passes House2017
Issues of Abortion, Immigration Both At Play in D.C. Circuit Court Ruling2017
Abortion Debate Heats Up Again as Foes Target Planned Parenthood2015
House Tries to Curb Abortion Funds2014
House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban2013
Bill to Restrict Teen Abortions Stalls2006
Parental Consent for Teen Abortions2005
Penalties for Harming a Fetus2004
Abortion Feud Kills Bankruptcy Bill2003
'Partial Birth' Abortion Banned2003
House Acts to Limit Abortions2002
Annual Abortion Fight Delayed2002
Supreme Court Decision On ‘Partial Birth’ Ban Stops Senate Action on Bill2000
Senate Passes Bill To Punish Doctors Who Perform ‘Partial Birth, Procedure1999
President Accepts Limits on Family Planning Funds in Exchange for Other Priorities1999
House Passes Fetal Protection Bill; Senate Panel Does Not Act1999
House Passes Bill Making It a Crime To Help Minors Evade Parental Notification Laws1999
Under Veto Threat, Parental Notification Bill Stalls in the Senate1998
Senate Sustains Veto of ‘Partial Birth’ Abortion Ban For Second Time1998
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes State Department Bill For 1999 Fiscal Year1998
Anti-Abortion Language Dooms State Department Bill, U.N. Debt Repayment1998
Presidential Veto Message: President Repeats Objections To Abortion Measure1997
Foreign Aid: GOP Relents on Abortion1997
Clinton Again Vetoes Abortion Ban1997
Presidential Veto Message: Threat to Women's Health Cited in Abortion Veto1996
President Vetoes Abortion Ban1996
Abortion Foes Limit Battles to Small Number of Bills1996
Abortion Disputes Slow Aid Bill1996
Late-Term Abortions Target of Bill1995
Abortion Foes Press Their Agenda1995
Abortion Fight Halts Foreign Aid Bill1995
Women Lose in Fight Over Benefits1994
Law Protects Abortion Clinic Access1994
Vets Health Package Stalls Over Abortion1993
Limited Change Made to Abortion Policy1993
Bills Seek To Ensure Abortion Clinic Access1993
Supreme Court's Decision On Pennsylvania Case1992
Divided Court Reaffirms Right to Abortion1992
Bush Rejects Abortion Rights Bills1992
Abortion Issue Eclipses Religious Freedom Bill1992
Vetoes Foil Abortion Rights Gains1991
Abortion Dispute Derails First Health and Human Services (HHS) Bill1991
Family Planning Program Sinks in Senate1990
Abortion Issue Non-Starter in 19901990
Supreme Court Ruling: High Court Splintered On Major Abortion Case1989
Presidential Veto Message:Abortion Feud Spurs Veto Bill for Labor, Health and Human Services1989
Presidential Veto Message: Bush Vetoes Foreign Aid Over U.N. Family Agency1989
Family-Planning Program Wins Senate Labor OK1989
D.C. Bill Vetoed Twice Over Abortion Funding1989
Court Ruling Shifts Abortion Politics1989
Bill for Labor, Health and Human Services Vetoed Over Abortion1989
Adolescent Family Life1989
Senate Relents on Abortion; Health and Human Services (HHS) Bill Cleared1988
Family-Planning Rules1988
‘Chastity’ Program1988
Family Planning Legislation1987
Court Rules on Abortion, ‘Baby Doe’ Rules1986
Family Planning Program1985
Abortion Amendments1985
Federal Abortion Alternatives Cut by Reagan1984
Family-Life Programs1984
Court, Senate Rebuff Anti-Abortion Efforts1983
Senate Kills Abortion, School Prayer Riders1982
Anti-Abortion Measures Begin to Advance1981
Federal Funds for Abortions1980
Abortion Restrictions1979
Abortion Issue Halts Labor-HEW Bill1979
Family Planning, SIDS1978
Abortion Agreement Ends Funding Deadlock1977
Abortion Amendment1976
Hearings Air Abortion Controversy1974
Population Control: Increased Federal Concern1970
Contraceptive Materials1970
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Proposes Commission on Population Growth1969
Population Commission1969
Birth Control Programs1967
Government Role in Birth Control Expanded1966
Senate Holds Hearings on Birth Control1965