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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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Congress Doubles Federal Aid for Teens Who Must Leave Foster Care at Age 18
Congress, White House At Odds Over How Best To Protect Social Security
Determined Campaign by Advocates for the Disabled Wins Over Divided Congress
GOP Response: Tax Relief, Social Security Overhaul Are `Practical' Priorities
House Passes Bill Making It a Crime To Help Minors Evade Parental Notification Laws
House Passes Bills To Reauthorize Elementary And Secondary Education Act
In Absence of Legislative Action on Medical Privacy, HHS Rules To Take Effect
Jobs Program for Seniors Snags Reauthorization Of Older Americans Act
Lawmakers Agree on Need For Patients' Rights But Remain Divided on Methods
Lawmakers Fail To Rewrite Organ Transplant Policy But Delay New HHS Regulations
Lawmakers Prescribe Partial Relief For Medicare Providers
Legislation Enacted To Ensure Affordable Housing For Senior, Disabled Citizens
New ‘Ed-Flex’ Bill Allows States To Grant Waivers from Some Federal Regulations
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Rejects D.C. Spending Bill's 'Unwarranted Intrusions' in Local Decisions
Senate Passes Bill To Punish Doctors Who Perform ‘Partial Birth, Procedure
The State of the Union: Clinton Offers Proposals on Education, Retirement Security, Health Care, Urges Nation To 'Aim Higher'