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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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Added-Nicotine Controversy Draws Anger, No Action
Bill for Homeless Dies in House
Bill Targets Persian Gulf Syndrome
Bills Enhance Indians’ Status
Child Nutrition Program Extended
Clinton Signs School-to-Work Bill
Clinton's Health Care Plan Laid to Rest
Congress Grants Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Exemptions from Mandated Personnel Cuts
Congress Updates ‘Nanny Tax'
Congressional Leadership Considers Committee Input in Drafting 1994 Legislation: Healthcare, Indian Affairs, Veterans
Dietary Supplement Rules Get Review
Dole: No Health Care Crisis, Clinton on Wrong Road
Education Bills: Technology, Minority Education and Loan Defaults
Elementary, Secondary Education Provisions
Elements of Child-Support Bill Pass
Food Stamp Measure Clears
Help for Disabled Individuals
House Education and Labor: Subsidized Premiums, Generous Benefits
House Energy and Commerce: Panel Finds Consensus Unattainable
House Ways and Means: Patchwork Measure Pleases No One
Indian Legislation in 1994 Includes Protection for Children, Religious Practices
Law Expands Benefits For Holocaust Victims
Law Expands, Improves Head Start
Law Protects Abortion Clinic Access
Lawmakers Consider Health Legislation on Organ Transplants, Orphan Drugs, and Smoking Restrictions
Lawmakers Renew and Revamp 1965 Education Act
Leadership Phase: Party Leaders Attempt To Draft a Viable Bill
National Education Goals Set
Senate Finance: Bipartisan Bill Relies On Market Forces
Senate Labor and Human Resources: Labor Panel's Measure Mirrors Clinton Plan
Senate Republicans Block Action On Minority Health Bill
Social Security Made Independent
The State of the Union: Clinton Stresses Welfare, Health Care Reform
Vets Gain Authority To Treat Animals With Human Drugs
Welfare Reform Takes a Back Seat
Women Lose in Fight Over Benefits