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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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Adoption Subsidy Proposal
Bill Aimed at Medicare, Medicaid Fraud
Busing Limits
Career Education
Carter, Congress and Welfare: A Long Road
Child Abuse, Adoption
Child Health Program
Child Nutrition Programs
Child Pornography
Clinical Laboratory Standards
Congress Overhauls Food Stamp Program
DNA Research
Education of Handicapped
Educational Competency Standards Being Pushed
ESEA Programs Extended
Finance Committee Shapes a Welfare Bill
Foreign Medical Student Requirement Eased
Health Planning Guidelines
Health, Education, Welfare 1977: Overview
Hospital Cost Control
Immunization Program
Kidney Dialysis Program
Library Aid
Major Health Programs Extended
Pregnancy Disability
Presidential Statement: Carter on Health Care
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Drought Aid
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Drug Law Revision
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Illegal Aliens Legislation
Presidential Statement: Carter's Social Security Financing Changes
Presidential Statement: Carter's Welfare Reform, August 1977
Presidential Statement: Carter's Welfare Reform, May 1977
Public Aid Amendments
Rabbit Meat Inspection
Rights of Handicapped
Rural Health Clinics
Saccharin Ban Delay
Welfare Program Changes
Youth Camp Safety