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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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$1.1 Billion Appalachia Aid Bill Approved
Agency for the Elderly
Antipoverty Program Funds Doubled
Automobile Safety
Bills Acted on – Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced – Education and Welfare
Cold War Veterans' Bill Passed by Senate
Community Health Programs
Congress Achieves Substantial Health Record in 1965
Congress Votes Controls on Barbiturates, Amphetamines
Department of Housing Approved
Disaster Area School Aid
Doctors and Medical Sales
Expansion of Vocational Rehabilitation Authorized
First General School Aid Bill Enacted
Funds Provided for Staffing Mental Health Centers
Health Research Facilities
Health Warning Required on Cigarette Packs
Hospital Closings
House Passes Small Coal Mine Safety Bill
Little Action Taken on Consumer Legislation
Major Housing Legislation Enacted
Many Groups Active in Lobbying on Medical Care Issue
Medical Libraries
Medical Professions Training Aid
Message to Congress: Johnson Asks Congressional Protection For 'The Most Basic Right' - The Right to Vote
Message to Congress: Johnson Calls for Broad Elementary, Secondary And College Educational Aid Programs
Message to Congress: Johnson on Arts and Humanities
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests 'Medicare', Other Health Programs
Message to Congress: Johnson Seeks Teacher Corps for Slum Schools
Message to Congress: Johnson's Voting Rights Message
Metallic Mine Safety Act
Nursery to Graduate Schools Aided in 1965
President Johnson, AMA and Republican Leaders Submit Bills
Railroad Retirement
Regional Heart, Cancer, Stroke Programs Approved
Scholarships Featured in College Aid Bill
School Aid for the Deaf
Senate Holds Hearings on Birth Control
Social Security Medicare Program Enacted
State of the Union: Johnson Describes Nation as 'Free, Restless, Growing and Full of Hope'
Veterans' Compensation
Vocational Loan Insurance