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 Foreign Policy and Intelligence
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Bretton Woods Agreement
Committees on Foreign Policy
Congressional Action on Bills Affecting Foreign Policy Second Quarter, 1945
Expansion of Export-Import Bank
Extension of FEA Authority
Extension of Lend-Lease
Extension of Lend-Lease
Extension of Reciprocal Trade Agreements
Free Entry of Jews Into Palestine
Implementation of United Nations Membership
Increased Funds for Unrra
Major Actions, April–June, 1945
Major Actions, January-March, 1945
Major Actions, July-September, 1945
Major Actions, October-December, 1945
Message to Congress: Truman On the Progress of the War
Message to Congress: Truman on United Nations Charter
Message to Congress: Truman Urges Funds for Unrra
Message to Congress: Truman's First Message to Congress, April 16, 1945
Mexican Water Treaty
Naturalization of Natives of India
Nominations Confirmed
Roosevelt's Message on Bretton Woods Agreement
Roosevelt's Message on the State of the Union, January 6, 1945 (Excerpts)
Senate Action on Reciprocal Trade Agreements
State Department Appointments
Study of Post-War Immigration
Summary of Congressional Action on Bills Relating to Foreign Policy First Quarter, 1945
Summary of Congressional Action on Foreign Policy Fourth Quarter, 1945
Summary of Congressional Action on Foreign Policy Third Quarter, 1945
Treaty Ratification
United Nations Charter