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 1995 - 104th Congress, 1st Session
 The Appendix
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Characteristics of Congress
Committee Assignments, House
Committee Assignments, Senate
Congressional Committees
Ethics: Panel to Hire Special Counsel in Gingrich Investigation
Guide to Pronunciation
Members of the 104th Congress, 1st Session.
News conference: McConnell -- Packwood's Conduct 'Cannot Be Tolerated'
Officers and Committees, 104th Congress
Officers and Committees, 104th Congress
President's Budget Message: Clinton Outlines Priorities for Fiscal 1996 Spending
Presidential Address: Clinton -- Mend, Don't End, Affirmative Action
Presidential Address: Clinton Asks Nation to Back U.S. Role in Bosnian Peace
Presidential Address: Clinton Hails Israel's Pact with Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) As ‘Historic Compromise’
Presidential Address: Clinton Presents Proposal for Balanced Budget
Presidential News Conference: Clinton Announces Agreement to End War in Bosnia
Presidential News Conference: Clinton Praises Budget Agreement
Presidential Statement: Clinton Announces Action to Combat Teen Smoking
Presidential Veto Message: 'Profound Differences' Cited in Veto of Budget Plan
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Points to Lack of Money for Technology, War on Crime
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Says Lifting Embargo Would Americanize War
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Continuing Resolution
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton's veto of rescissions bill
Presidential Veto Message: Conservationist Concerns Mark Interior Bill Veto
Presidential Veto Message: Investor risk is major concern in veto of litigation overhaul
Presidential Veto Message: Temporary Rise in Debt Limit Is Vetoed by President
Public Laws, 104th Congress, 1st Session
Republican Response: Dole Counters with GOP Plan
Republican Response: GOP Leaders Claim Victory
Republican Response: Whitman Speech Reflects Upon Revolution
Senate Seniority Ranking
Speaker Calls for ‘Partnership’ To Pass ‘Major Reforms’
Supreme Court Ruling: Excerpts from Decision in Affirmative Action Case
Supreme Court Ruling: Excerpts from Decision in Term Limits Case
Supreme Court Ruling: Gun Decision Puts a Check on Federal Authority
Supreme Court Ruling: Supreme Court Rules Against Race-Based Redistricting
The State of the Union: Clinton Speech Envisions Local Empowerment