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 1995 - 104th Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 3 - Government and Commerce
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Transfer of Hatcheries To States Approved; Fishing, Conservation Efforts in Atlantic increased
Sports Regulations, Labels and TV Violence in Commerce-Related Legislation
Shipping, Trucking Restrictions, and Airport Logistics Considered in Transportation Legislation
Senate Halts Regulatory Freeze Drive
Senate Filibuster Derails Efforts to Limit Federal Regulations
Plan to Cut Farm Programs Stalls
Pipeline Safety Regulation
Patent, Copyright Legislation
Paperwork Reduction Goals Set
No Resolution on Product Liability
National Highway System Bill Clears
Legislation Reduces Cost of Small Business Administration Loan Programs
Lawmakers Vote to Continue Merchant Marine Fleet
Law Restricts Unfunded Mandates
Interstate Commission Abolished
House Moves to Protect Fishing Zones
Glickman Confirmed as Committees Consider Pesticides and Produce
Fishing Bill to Implement Global Agreements
Federal Aviation Administration Overhaul Remains in Committee
Downsizing and Procurement Feature in Government Operations Plans
Congress Works on Pieces of Broad Farm Bill
Congress Reauthorizes Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) For Five Years
Commerce Department Targeted
Both Chambers Pass Coast Guard Bills
Board to Oversee D.C. Finances
Bills Seek End to Amtrak Subsidies