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 1992 - 102nd Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 4 - Energy, Environment and Science
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Bills Seek Support for U.S. Technology
Chambers Can't Agree on Montana Wilderness Bill
Congress Pressures Bush To Attend Rio Summit
Corps of Engineers Bill Cuts Some Big Projects
Desert Protection Bill Is Blocked in Senate
Dolphin Protection Bills Target Tuna Fishing
Endangered Species Act Remained in Limbo
Energy Bill Surges Toward Enactment
Energy Legislation Addresses Research Labs, Coal and Shale industries
Federal Agencies Liable for Waste Violations
Hill Takes Up Wide Range of Environmental Issues
Mining Law Overhaul Is Stymied Again
NASA Funding Includes Space Station
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Programs Funded
No Consensus Reached on Forest Protection
Nuclear Waste Dump Gets Cautious Nod
Partisan Feuding Scuttles Competitiveness Bills
Rocky Mountain Arsenal To Be Wildlife Refuge
Science Education Grants
Solid Waste Problem Remains Insoluble
States Denied Immunity From Patent Penalties
Super Collider Survives Opposition in House
Tree Bark OK'd for Use in Cancer Drug
West Is Focus of New Water Policy