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 1992 - 102nd Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 3 - Government/Commerce
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A Variety of Transportation Bills Advance
Administration Opposes Election Day Holiday
Agriculture Escapes Staff Downsizing
Airport Program Extended in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization
Amid Controversy, Hill Reauthorizes Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)
Bush Signs Law Regulating 900 Numbers
Coast Guard Bill Sputters Over Sporting Boat Fees
Coast Guard Inspections of Foreign Ships Authorized
Competitiveness Council Headed for Demise
Congress Acts on Various Federal Operations Bills
Congress Puts a Limit on Sports-Based Lotteries
Controversial Boat Tax To Be Phased Out
Corrections Made to 1991's Transportation Bill
D.C. Health-Benefits Act Meets Defeat
D.C. Statehood Initiative Dies in Committee
Door Opened for Home Digital Recording
Foreign Ship Subsidies
Hill Enacts Cable TV Law Over Veto
Honoraria Ban Remains for Federal Workers
Law Passed To Protect Animal Research Labs
Maritime Administration
Moynihan Ties Courthouse Project to Highway Funds
National Map Project Reaches Destination
New Farmers To Get Guaranteed Loans
New Rules for Airline Reservations Systems
No New Product-Safety Legislation Passed
Pesticide Rules Remain Unchanged
Product Liability Bill Narrowly Defeated
Radio Spectrum Allocation
Rail Strike Ended
Stage Set To Curb Bell Companies in '93
Three Small-Business Programs Passed
Two Rural Phone Bills Clear Congress
Two-Year Reauthorization for Amtrak Clears
Vertical Price-Fixing Bill Dies in the House
Veto Threat Stops Hatch Act Simplification
White House Spending Bill Stalls in House