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 1973 - 93rd Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 3 - Economic Policy
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Wage-Price Control Amendments
Treasury Bills
Tax Reform: Hearings But No Action In 1973
Stock Exchange Membership
Securities Transactions
SBA Mismanagement Charges
SBA Lending Authority
Productivity Commission
Nongermane Riders Delayed Debt Ceiling Action
Monopoly Hearings
JEC Majority Urges Stronger Wage-Price Controls
Interest On Savings Deposits
Interest Equalization Tax
House Voted to Reform Federal Budget Oversight
Federal Flood Insurance
Federal Financing Bank
Export Controls
Economic Policy 1973: Overview
Economic Development: Extension Through FY 1974
Dollar Devaluation: 10 Per Cent Devaluation Approved
Disaster Relief: Seventh Nixon Veto Upheld
Controls Authority Extended Through April 30, 1974
Budget Reform Sidetracked Anti-Impoundment Bill
Bicentennial Coins
Bankruptcy Legislation
Antitrust Procedures