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 1973 - 93rd Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 15 - Foreign Policy
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Aid to Greece
Aid to Israel Legislation Sails Through Congress
Aid to North Vietnam
Arab Food Embargo
Atlantic Union Delegation
Cambodia Bombing Ban: Aug. 15 Cutoff Date Set
Chinese Liaison Office
Congress Clears $2.4-Billion Foreign Aid Authorization
Employment of Illegal Aliens
Foreign Election Campaigns
Foreign Military Aid, FY '73
Foreign Policy 1973: Overview
Foreign Travel Restrictions
House Passes Trade Act; USSR Denied Tariff Concessions
Immigration Limits
International Economic Policy
Kissinger Confirmed, 78-7, as Secretary of State
Micronesian Claims
Multinational Probe Hits ITT Involvement in Chile
Oil Import Policies
Pacific Trust Territory
Peace Corps Authorization
Political Ambassadors
Pollution Prevention Treaty
POW-MIA Concern
Radio Free Europe, Fiscal '73
Radio Free Europe, Fiscal '74
SEATO Reconsidered
Senate Repealed Rhodesian Chrome Import Ban
Sonnenfeldt Confirmed
State Dept. Authorization: Policy Provisions Deleted
Trade with Communist Bloc
Treaties Approved
USIA Authorization: Congress Yields on Privilege