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 1973 - 93rd Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 13 - Energy and Environment
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AEC Authorization
AEC Supplemental Funding
Auto Pollution Control Deadline Postponed
Building Design and Energy
Clean Air Standards Relaxed
Clean Air, Waste Disposal
Congress Completes Action on Alaskan Pipeline Bill
Daylight Savings Time
Deepwater Ports
Eastern Wilderness Areas
Elk Hills Oil Production
Emergency Energy Act: No Final Action in 1973
Endangered Species
Energy and Environment 1973: Overview
Energy Conservation
Energy Research Program
Environmental Education
Environmental Quality Office
Environmental Treaties
Environmental Warfare
Federal Energy Reorganization: No Final Action
Fees for Recreation Areas
Flood Control Projects
Flood Insurance
FPC Nomination Rejected
Highway Speed Limit
Mandatory Fuel Allocation Program Approved
Natural Gas Deregulation
Nuclear Reactor Safety
Other Environmental Bills
Parks and Recreation
Saline Water Programs
San Carlos Mineral Strip
Santa Barbara Oil Leases
Senate Passes Strip Mining Bill; House Fails to Act
Senate Passes Strong Land-Use Planning Bill
Sewage Treatment Funds
Stream Channelization
Timber Supply
Toxic Substances Control
Train Confirmation
U.N. Environment Fund
Water Pollution: New Funding Formula Cleared
Water Resources Council
Water Resources Projects