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 1971 - 92nd Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 3 - Education and Health
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Action on Desegregation AID Stalled for Second Year
Barbiturate Abuse
Biomedical Research
Black Lung Disease
Blue Cross Insurance
Cancer Research: $1.59-Billion for Three-Year Program
Child Nutrition
Congress Approves $5.1-Billion for Office of Education
D.C. Sickle Cell
Dental Health
Disaster Relief Act Amendments
Drug Abuse Control: Senate Approves $1.7-Billion
Drug Abuse Funds
Drug Abuse Prevention
Drug Listing Act
Drug Treatment in Prisons
Drugs in The Military
Education Financing
Education Revenue Sharing
Equal Educational Opportunity
Foreign Service Scholarships
Health Insurance: Hearings on New Proposals
Health Manpower: $2.9–Billion for Fiscal 1972–1974
Health Pocket Veto Challenge
Health Scholarships
Health Service Hospitals
Heroin Addiction
Indian Education
Institute of Education
Major Aid-to-Education Bill Held Over Until 1972
Methadone Program
Mood Drugs
Navajo College
Nurses Training Programs
Nutrition for Aged
Pep Pills And Drivers
School Prayer Amendment: House Vote Defeats Move
Sickle Cell Anemia
Summer Food Programs
Veterans Medical Care
Veterans' Drug Treatment
Vocational Education