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 1970 - 91st Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 9 - Transportation and Communications
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Urban Mass Transportation
Transportation Taxation
Transportation Policy
Telephone Rates
Rural Telephone Bank
Railroad Safety
Railroad Freight Rates
Railroad Board Membership
Political Broadcast Spending Veto Upheld by Senate
Passage of Rail Aid Bill
Mobility of the Elderly
Merchant Marine Program
Maritime Authorization
ICC Criticism
House Committee Reports Bill Limiting Pay TV
Ground Transportation
Freight Car Shortages
Ethnic Abuse by Media
D.C. Transit Acquisition
Cruise Ship Restrictions
Corporation Created to Operate Rail Passenger System
Congress Passes Airport and Airway Development Act
Congress Enacts Bill To Preserve Ailing Newspapers
Congress Clears Railroad Aid Bill, Acts on Strike
Cargo Thefts
Ban on Cigarette Radio and TV Advertising Enacted
Aircraft Hijackings
Air Traffic Controllers